My Money Mindset bundle works to heal your self worth and money mindset so that you can be an energetic match for what you desire.



Do you lack confidence and frequently doubt you and your abilities?

Do you compare yourself to people on your IG feed, in your industry, your family members or your friends?

Are you struggling to get over old emotional wounds and past hurts?

Do you start feeling insecure if someone responds negatively towards you?

Are you preoccupied with other people’s opinions of you?

Do you feel frequent shame about where you are in life?

Are you doing all the work but not receiving all the money!

My friend, we need to work on your self worth!


This self study course increases your self worth in spades.


Stop being a weak AF pushover, letting every and anyone walk all over you, disrespecting your boundaries and leaving you feeling anxious.

Be a BADASS Queen who is NOT afraid to say what she wants, what she needs without being afraid of offending people. Your boundaries will be top priority and you won’t have time for anyone who doesn’t respect them.

Stop doubting yourself and your abilities because you’ll know that no matter who you are surrounded by, they are lucky to be in your presence.


What if I told you that your current financial status was just a choice you subconsciously keep making?

If you’re reading this you’ve probably tried all the things to get the money flows you desire, but if your…



receiving capacity

and energy system

aren’t congruent with having and deserving lots of money, you’ll always struggle with it. 

Money is the wealth magnet you’ve been looking for!

You will discover and dissolve blocks that are keeping you from having money. You will raise your energetic money vibration and learn how to receive more money with ease.



  • PROVEN METHODS to help you make a TON OF MONEY by opening up all the places in your body and energy system that are currently BLOCKING you from being WEALTHY without having to fly to Peru to drink Ayahuasca!

  • UNDERSTAND why you haven’t been able to make more money consistently and why your amazing ideas, proposals, auditions have a high rejection rate to date even though you’ve spent $$$ on money mindset courses and books!

  • My TOP MONEY MANIFESTING METHODS which allows me to own luxury real estate and land internationally, work and travel worldwide as an actress, director and voice over artist, run a successful 6 figure + coaching business as my side hustle and live in a stunning ocean side resort in California!

  • LIVE ENERGY ALIGNMENT SESSIONS with me which have helped my clients make $$$$$$$ and transform their entire lives!!!!

    BONUS Q and A session!!!!


When you purchase this product you will be enrolled onto both courses within a few hours.